Mental Health in Illinois Criminal Defense Cases

Defending Illinois Department of Children and Family Services Allegations

Grounds for Disciplinary Action Against Illinois Medical Professionals

What to Do if Your Illinois Professional License has a Complaint Filed Against It

Reinstating Your Illinois Driver's License

New Illinois Photo Lineup Law

New Illinois Eavesdropping Bill

Denied an Interview Because of Past Mistakes? The Law Can Protect Your Rights

New Illinois Sign and Drive Law Helps Protect Your Rights During a Traffic Stop

Illinois Concealed Carry Rates Tied to Declining Crime and Murder Rates

Probable Cause and Search Warrants in Illinois

Illinois DUI Arrests During the Summertime

Parental Liability for College Children During the Summer

Illegal Search and Seizures with the Use of Drug-Sniffing Dogs

What is Prescription Drug Forgery in Illinois?

Illinois Becomes 20th State to Legalize Medical Marijuana

After Schaumburg cop arrests, how can integrity be guaranteed

Driver Takes Window Tint Case to High Court

Attorney Thomas Glasgow plans to take the City of Chicago to the Supreme Court

Audit of Canine Unit Puts Illinois State Police in the Doghouse

Drug Courts a Smashing Success in Northwest Chicago Suburbs

Who Watches the Watchmen? Chicago Woman Vindicated For Recording Police

Illinois Remains Last Bastion of Ban on Concealed Carry

Illinois Drugged-Driving Law: Unbending and Complex

Marijuana Traffickers Face Harsh Penalties

Primer for Drunk Driving Penalties in Illinois

Proposed Illinois Law Regarding Drunk Driving

Illinois Ignition Interlock Device Law: Effective Deterrent or Overkill?

Temporary Visitor's Driver's License (en español)

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